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After 22 years in the army, I felt lost returning to civilian life. But between my never-ending quest for knowledge and education, the skills I'd learned during my time in the military, and the support of my wife, I discovered a fulfilling new passion.

Leaving the army isn't as simple as turning in your two weeks notice and clearing out your desk. It took closer to two years before I could hang up my fatigues. I was in the trenches until the last moment. When the orders did come down the line, everything happened suddenly.

I was in Afghanistan when I got a tap on the shoulder, telling me my time was at an end. From there, I was flown back to Venice, Italy, where I was stationed and where my family was living. We packed everything up, and 11 days later, I was a civilian in the states, wondering what to do with myself. 

I'll be forever grateful for my time in the army. It taught me invaluable skills and made me the person that I am today. But it took a huge toll on me. Physically, I was a shadow of my former self. With more than two decades of that life, the wear and tear on my body had changed me forever. I knew I was too beat up to last in the military much longer. Mentally, things were even worse. I was suffering from PTSD, resulting in sleepless nights and restless days.

It honestly took me years to get out of that funk. I needed to find a positive way to occupy my time. Luckily, the army was a big supporter of higher education. Not to mention, I always wanted to learn more and gain as much knowledge as I could. Why not go back to school?

My options were somewhat limited. I couldn't just choose any major and was guided into psychology. But it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I had an understanding of my own mental process better. I was in a position where I knew I'd be able to help others heal while being in the process of healing myself.

My time in the military taught me how to be a leader. The roles my education afforded me were the first chance I'd had to lead since I had returned to civilian life. While I was proud of the work I did, I again found it taking a toll on me. Being surrounded by so many lives in upheaval made my own well-being tenuous. I knew I needed another avenue to help people, especially one that allowed me to reach out to other veterans.

It was my wife's idea that I look into real estate. She'd had previous experience in the industry and had a real knack for finding people who she knew would be successful at it. If she thought I'd excel, then there was a good chance I would! With her support and expertise, I was able to navigate through those early days.

It was also an opportunity to, again, help veterans. They're a group that I'm especially proud to help move into their well-deserved homes. I'm always happy to lend them my knowledge. On a larger scale, it connected me to my community. Community is massively important to me, another trait that the army instilled in me.

I serve on several boards, including the Chamber of Commerce. You can always tell which businesses care. They're the ones that are the most involved. That's what I'm always looking for in my role as an agent. I want to build a better community through the relationships I'm able to form with my clients. I look forward to building that same relationship with you!


Steve Bauman, Realtor

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I understand that the key to a successful working relationship is strong communication. I'm the guy that always answers the phone. This isn't a job that someone can do part-time, and I'm committed to my work.